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My December Challenge

Our son, Bill, has participated in the Winter Warrior Challenge where an individual walks/runs outdoors every day in the month of January. You can choose to go at least a mile or (if you’re like Bill) choose the five mile option. Jim and I managed to both get outside at least a mile every day last January.

With winter setting in I thought I’d challenge myself to do two things in December:

  1. Walk/hike at least a mile every day outdoors.
  2. Do stretching/strength training twice a week.

How’d I do?

Well, I got the job done but there were a lot of days I only went a mile. There was that nasty storm the beginning of the month where the snow was sooo heavy. If I hadn’t challenged myself I’d have told myself that the shoveling was enough.

I did have some wonderful hikes as fall edged ever closer to winter.

Weeks Woods

In the middle of the month, we got 39″ of light, fluffy snow. The National Weather Service says it’s the most accumulation here since 1888 and I’m certainly not going to argue with them. It required a lot of shoveling, but I got out early during the storm and walked another mile…and only fell once.

There was still cleanup to do the next day but I went over to Ramblin’ Vewe to snowshoe before I picked up the shovel again. The snow had quickly become more compact.

I was grateful for the trail blazers!

For two years I’ve been doing Geri Fit, a senior stretching and strength training program at the library. With all in-person programs suspended right now I’ve been grateful to be able to continue doing it online here at home.

I’m glad I challenged myself to do both the outdoor exercising and to keep up with Geri-Fit because between snowstorms and the holidays I know I would have skipped doing them as regularly as I have without that push. Shoveling is easier because of both…and that’s a very good thing when you live in New Hampshire.

Plus, when I come home from a walk here’s what greets me:


Let’s see how I do in January.


4 thoughts on “My December Challenge

  1. I’m very impressed by you, as I so often am, Betty. I walk a few miles a day and have been doing some hiking and yoga which, I admit, is way easier to do when one spends the winter in Arizona rather than New Hampshire. However, I’ve got you beat when it comes to falls: my e-bike has thrown me like a bucking bronco tosses off a rodeo clown … 6 times. Don’t worry – I’m not challenging you! 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Whoa, six times? It’s a good thing you aren’t challenging me—not that I’d accept it if you did. I’m impressed you’ve gotten back on. It does sound as if you need a seat belt. Stay safe!


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